In Jacksonville and New Orleans, we offer the most complete green coffee cleaning and upgrading line.

Those lines are composed by:
Cleaners: One of the most complete units installed for coffee in the US.

  • Fines, dust, chaff, and other light material by means of a negative aspiration system.
  • Scalping screens to remove product larger than the green coffee bean and considered foreign material.
  • Sifting screens to remove product smaller than the green coffee bean and considered foreign material.
  • The unit utilizes screens in item b. and c. that separates by width and thickness. These screens are interchangeable and screens needed may vary based on the actual size of the various green coffee beans.
  • The green coffee beans are then exposed to bottom air that can separate low density product from higher density product and deposit this in a separate discharge chamber for the client to decide use of the product. This design feature is to lessen the burden of the gravity table by pre-removing some, but not, the entire low density product.

Destoners: this unit is commonly used to separate heavy foreign material from good coffee beans. The destoner is a negative aspiration system which is adjustable to remove a small percentage of heavy items such as rocks, stones, and other items of similar size and higher density than the good coffee bean.

The heavier item will typically need to have a bulk density difference of 2.5 times greater than the good green coffee beans to separate.

Sizer – Grader: This unit is designed to utilize screens chosen by the client to size coffee beans into four different fractions of product based on product width. Three of these fractions will be good product and one fraction will be a waste product. The percentage of each fraction will vary lot to lot based on the incoming product characteristics. The screens utilized for width sizing are designed to be easily changed should plant requirements and sizes need to be changed.

Gravity Table: This unit will separate out low density, undesirable green coffee beans that are of the same physical size but less desirable. The unit is adjustable to determine the amount of light product from good product and is subjective based on the goals of the operator.

Color sorter: this unit will separate out all the defects by color as: black, red, yellow, white and green in different levels of color intensity and tonality.

Dupuy has chosen the best equipment available worldwide for cleaning and upgrading. We are able to remove every known defect in coffee with our state of the art equipment.

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